what are the best fitness gifts

We all have that one friend who can’t go on a day without breaking a sweat. Whether they spend most of their waking hours doing yoga, cross fit, training for a marathon or any other sweat inducing activity, they will still be very happy to get yet another fitness accessory. Fitness gifts are great as they are meant to be used. They aren’t like the shiny objects or photo frames that you might just put on the shelves only to be covered in dust later. Instead of any other uninspired gifts that you might be tempted to give this year, here’s a list of carefully curated gift ideas for that fitness freak buddy of yours.

Be it the regular gym visits or your home workouts, we have rounded up some of the best products to help you get your workout fix and maintain those extra gains of strength.

1. “Get Fit” Fitness Gift Set

“Get Fit” fitness gift set is a perfect combination of workout supplements and products. Starting from your pre-workout till your workout recovery, this fitness gift set has got you covered. Our fitness hamper is jam-packed with all the essentials you will need for keeping your fitness on track with a one year fitness log book, a classic Shaker Blender bottle for protein shakes, Gold’s gym 3 in 1 workout jump rope, 2 cliff protein bars, Hammerite Whey protein pack, Hammerite Perpetuem for boosting endurance and Hammerite Endurolyte for workout recovery, all enclosed in a canvas black drawstring backpack that can be used for your visits to the gym.

2. “Protein, Bro!”- Protein Lover’s Gift Bag

The “Protein, Bro” -Protein Lover’s Gift bag punches above its worth as far as fitness gifts can go!

They are loaded with great protein-filled grab and go snacks; these healthy snacks are there waiting for you when you just can’t stop that urge to munch on a little bit more. The gift bag has 3 protein bars, 3 protein cookies, 2 ready-to-drink protein shakes, 3 bags of delicious Quest protein chips, and a shaker bottle all enclosed in a stylish, black, drawstring cinch bag, ideal for your gym visits. These protein supplements are a gym must for all people who take their fitness seriously and makes for a great way to pound some protein.

3. Healthy Choices Deluxe Care package

Whether you are a busy health focused junkie or just looking to eat a little cleaner and healthier, this care package filled with home-made goodness is the best option for you. This care package is loaded with an amazing variety of delicious healthy on-the-go, the perfect stocking fillers and low sugar, low fat treats. This is the perfect workout care package – perfect to pack to your office, home, or at a party!

4. Football Fanatic Sports Gift Basket

Whether you or your friend is a die-hard football fan or looking to take your game night to the next level, this Football Fanatic Sports Gift Basket would be a rare treat. Filled with delicious half-time snacks and even more fun stuff for the tabletop football game, it will keep the excitement going through to the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Buy this amazing pack and let the fanfare begin!

5. Midnight Munchies Gift Pack

You surely know the disappointment of finding the snack pack empty when you crave for something munchy or sweet late at night. Here’s the perfect solution for these late-night cravings.

Wrapped in a beautiful black gift box, the Midnight Munchies gift pack has a mouthwatering collection of Fritos corn chips, Chex mix, Cracker Jacks with peanuts caramel corn, TGI Fridays potato skins chips, Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, ACT II microwave buttery popcorn, Ritz cheese filled mini crackers, Combos cheese filled pretzels, Oreo cookies, Lifesavers gummy candies, Blue diamond lime and chilli almonds, Nestle crunch milk chocolate candy bar, M & M’s milk chocolate plain candies, M & M’s peanut candies, Skittles fruit candies, Hershey milk chocolate bar and Rice Krispies Treat. Can it get any sweeter than this?

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