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How to pick the best fitness gift?

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We all have that one friend who is wired up on a fitness goal, whether it’s to gain muscle, tone up their core, or increase their flexibility. So, when it comes to their birthday or any other special occasion, there is one thing that can assure you a smile on their faces – a fitness gift.

Fitness gifts are the most valuable gift you can give someone. Why? Because they will use it. When you gift someone a power-packed supplement or an awesome workout tee, you are making their favorite time of the day even more pleasurable, encouraging them to push themselves and if not all, be super proud of themselves. So just to give them that extra push at the gym and make it even more enjoyable, here’s a list of gift ideas for that fitness freak buddy of yours that is sure to make them smile, regardless of their specific activity pursuit.

1. “Get Fit” Fitness Gift SetFor those looking to recover from that daily grind

“Get Fit” fitness gift set is a perfect combination of workout supplements and products. Starting from your pre-workout till your workout recovery, this fitness gift set has got you covered. The daily grind can take a toll on your health. Hence, here we have included along with workout equipment, a whole range of premium supplements to take care of muscle building, endurance boosting and workout recovery.

Our fitness hamper is jam-packed with all the essentials you will need for keeping your fitness on track  with a one year fitness log book, a classic Shaker Blender bottle for protein shakes, Gold’s gym 3 in 1 workout jump rope, 2 cliff protein bars, Hammerite Whey protein pack, Hammerite Perpetuem for boosting endurance and Hammerite Endurolyte for workout recovery, all enclosed in a canvas black drawstring backpack that can be used for your visits to the gym.

2. Healthy Choices Deluxe Care packageFor that busy yet health focused junkie

Whether you are a busy health focused junkie or just looking to eat a little cleaner and healthier, this care package filled with home-made goodness is the best option for you. This care package is loaded with an amazing variety of delicious healthy on-the-go: the perfect stocking fillers and low sugar, low fat treats.

The Healthy Choices Deluxe Care package includes: 2-Ritz Bitz cheese filled crackers, Quaker caramel rice snacks, Davidson’s Sunflower seeds, Low fat animal crackers, pistachios, 2-Snyder low fat pretzels, Bumble bee chicken Salad with water crackers, Tropical trail mix, Planters roasted peanuts, 2-Grandmas cookies, 2 Sun maid Raisins boxes, 4-Nutri Grain granola bars, Chef Boyardee raviolis, Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup.

This is the perfect workout care package – perfect to pack to your office, home, or at a party!

3. “Protein, Bro!”- Protein Lover’s Gift Bag For that protein lover on-the-go

The Protein, Bro -Protein Lover’s Gift bag punches above its worth as far as fitness gifts can go! They are loaded with great protein filled grab and go snacks; these healthy snacks are there waiting for you when you just can’t stop that urge to munch on a little bit more. The protein bars and ready to drink protein shakes are great and a must-have before or after a workout for those gym rats on the go.

The gift bag has 3 protein bars, 3 protein cookies, 2 ready-to-drink protein shakes, 3 bags of delicious Quest protein chips and a shaker bottle all enclosed in a stylish, black, drawstring cinch bag, ideal for your gym visits. These protein supplements are a gym must for all people who are into their fitness- indeed a great way to pound some protein.

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