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Tips to improve your immunity with diet and lifestyle changes

The whole world is under the dark shadow of a pandemic called the corona-virus. The enemy is very strong and can affect any person of any age. It is very important for all of us to take care of our and our beloved one’s health. Doctors all around the world are fighting to save millions of lives and scientists are still working to find a working vaccine to stop corona virus. But the W.H.O has given some guideline on how to save yourself from Corona virus and the main point which is given by most of the specialist are wash your hands regularly to kill the virus on your hand and the other one is to make your immunity strong. And we all know that washing hands is easy but most of us don’t have any idea on how to improve our immunity.

So here is detailed info to help you and to guide you on how some simple steps in your daily life can help you in making your immunity stronger.

Eat healthy:

Our eating habits play a vital role in our health; eating good food not only gives you a good vibe but also helps your body to fight against deadly diseases.  Go for food which includes vitamins, mineral, and body-friendly nutrients instead of taste. There are lots of foods that are almost an immunity booster. Eat beans, green vegetables, and protein-rich food to full fill the need of your body. Try to include green tea and antioxidant-rich food that are effective in fighting against the body invaders and cell damage for example garlic which is known for its antioxidant-rich properties. Try to say no to junk food and go for healthy snacks that can help you in building your immunity. You can also gift yourself a healthy food gift pack, click here to check our fitness gift corner


A workout is an important part of fitness freak people. People spend lots in gym, aerobics & yoga classes to make them fit and to look perfect. But do you know fitness, is not a thing we all need to do but it is the need of the human body naturally.  For its perfect functionality and to train your muscles and bone, the workout is a game-changer for the current generation because we spend almost 10 hours on a chair doing stressful work & used cars or taxis to travel is against the human original body nature. Daily 10 minutes workout, even if you are doing it at your home can help you in fighting with issues related to the body. An intense workout or a simple long walk can help your body to train your stamina and immunity fight against harmful diseases. Sweating also helps our body to remove harmful liquids and salt to remove from our body. At the time of the pandemic, it is highly recommended to do spend at least 10 minutes for a daily workout.

Quit smoking

Changing lifestyle and adopting a healthy lifestyle include adopting healthy habits too. And smoking is a habit that is responsible for thousands of deaths every year. It is not good for the lungs and one of the reasons for a deadly disease that is lung cancer. Also, as many of us already know the corona virus is also affecting the lungs of the human body, and x-ray of diagnosed patients reflect pneumonia in the lungs. At this time keeping your lungs safe, clean, and healthy should be the priority. Smoking not only fills the harmful tar of smoke in our lungs but can affect our throat too. So it is recommended to quit smoking and adapt to the habits that can make your lungs stronger. Yoga in the morning time with the fresh air of nature can help your lungs in healing faster.  

Say no to stress

Sometimes eating a little can gives the power to spend your whole day healthy and happy but this does not happen if you are in depression or living a stressful life. Your mind and stress consume a big portion of your body energy, in females; stress is one of the reasons for hormone imbalance and sudden change in body weight. Anxiety and stress is the main reason for mental health which affects the overall body health and your surroundings. Try to keep this in your mind that taking stress and tension for any problem is not going to resolve the issues. So, please show some kindness for yourself. Try to be happy and spend your time in finding the new goals and solution instead of crying and thinking about anything which is not going good in your life. Living happy and stress-free is like you are supporting your body health and immunity by doing just nothing.

Don’t miss the medicine

Right now we are facing so many deadly viruses around us. And people who have a previous history or those who are currently under treatment for any disease are the most prone to the corona virus. It is prescribed by doctors and specialists to take your medicine on time and don’t give any break to your medicines without taking the confirmation from your doctor. Those drugs are there to help you in saving your life from the unwanted disease so always take your life-saving drugs on time or use reminders or alarm in case your routine or daily life is very busy and there are high chances of missing to take your drug.


Taking care of small things in our life and adapting some good habits can help every person in improving their health and immunity. Taking care of what you are eating and daily workout can save your thousands of bucks or medical expenditure, as books say precaution is better than care. To take care of your family and loved ones, firstly check your health and fitness so you can support them too.

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